Hello all,

GitHub has finally implemented the last few pieces missing to have sane
reviews directly on PRs, which is great for us. Most importantly, we can
now draft out a full review, including the final comments, before we ship
the comments all at once, including a verdict. The verdict may be one of
"Comment", "Approve", and "Request changes".

An important note about "Request changes": we have configured the master
branch so that this one will BLOCK the branch from being merged before YOU
get back to it, so please use it mindfully. If you have some notes on the
branch that SHOULD be addressed, but that you think somebody else could do
a good job ensuring they got done, please use the "Comment" veredict
instead of requesting changes formally. This way you don't "Approve" the
change to go in as-is, but also don't block someone else from analyzing and
potentially merging the branch when it's ready.

In summary, "Request changes" means "It's not ready and I want to be in the
loop on this one.". Let's be careful to use it as such, and observe how
things go in the next few days.

gustavo @ http://niemeyer.net
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