> Wiadomość napisana przez jb <j...@kdenlive.org> w dniu 17.10.2016, o godz. 
> 13:39:
> Hi all,
> I have prepared and published Kdenlive snap packages (currently in devmode 
> because of the dbus access issue). I requested some feedback, and a user 
> reported the following issues when trying to install on Fedora:
> kdenlive-devel on a fresh Fedora 24 install using the snapd installation 
> method and install command you gave, I get this error: "error: unknown flag 
> `force-dangerous'
> ". Removing that flag from the install command produces this error:
> sudo snap install --edge --devmode kdenlive-devel
> error: cannot communicate with server: Post 
> http://localhost/v2/snaps/kdenlive-devel: dial unix /run/snapd-snap.socket: 
> connect: no such file or directory...
> Are these known issues on Fedora ? Any workaround?


Can you please use journalctl to see what has happened to snapd?


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