Would like to share with everyone that we just had a very succesfful 2 day
hackathon in Shenzhen, China during last weekend (26-27th November).

We had 7 teams enter the final demo stage, 7 snaps came to live during the
29-hour-hackathon, most of them can be found on uappexplorer
<https://uappexplorer.com/apps?type=snappy> already.  There were a couple
of more projects were worked on during the hackathon, but didn't come to
life unfortunately due to the network connection and time limitation
​, but we are looking forward to seeing them in the store soon never the
less. ​

​We shall continue our hackathon, or if you like snapathon, journey around
the country or even beyond, and we do look forward to meeting some of you
in this list in person during one of the coming ones.
Here's a brief intro on the 7 projects that went on the demo stage

- Simcaffe: Running on QualComm DragonBoard 410c, it is a snap application,
running Ubuntu core and using Caffe deep learning framework developed AI,
that you can train to recognize different images. Can be utilized in smart
surveiliance systems.
[image: IMG_0440.JPG]

- Water-IoT-service snap: Used raspi+sensors collecting water information,
to be sent back to NAS for analysis, which can be displayed through a web
UI, accessed remotely.
[image: IMG_0455.JPG]

- Sensor-gateway: Used TI sensor tag to collect current enviroment light
status, which auto adjust light bulk's light control to achieve an
optimized lighting enviroment. powered by Ubuntu Core, running on a
QualComm dragonboard.
[image: IMG_0405.JPG]

- Crazy-app: Developed by Crazyou, a startup robotics company based in
Shenzhen, their existing robots are already running classic ubuntu, during
the hackathon they developed crazy-app, a snap format application that
provides remote monitoring and remote control and admin ability to their
robots, as well as remote access to their robot's webcat to capture
surrounding images.
[image: IMG_0432.JPG]

- Vtop: snapped system admin tool, which can moniter and manage your device
system remotely.
[image: IMG_0427.JPG]

- My waredrobe: Powered by ubuntu core, running on Rasberry Pi, a simple
snap can store all your clothes images, and help to organize all your
clothes and provide matching options.
[image: PB270129.jpg]

- Cellbooth: A cluster snap, that can utlize all connected ubuntu core
devices to performace cluster data computing and analysis tasks.
[image: IMG_0389.JPG]

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