On 29 November 2016 at 23:58, Boris Rybalkin <ribal...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Stuart,
> Thanks for update, I will test soon, just setting a build on out build
> server.
> What about these settings, are they supported in some form?
> KillSignal=SIGQUIT
> StandardError=syslog
> NotifyAccess=all

I don't know sorry. Last I looked, I had no way of overriding the
KillSignal (I needed to ensure -9 was never used, as it can potentially
cause data loss and normal shutdown can take some time while dirty buffers
are all flushed safely to disk).

> Also does snapd currently validates that snap does not have something like
> this:
> command: /usr/bin/foo
> I guess my concern is coming from the need to convert systemd to another
> format as it will probably grow into some kind of subset of systemd config.
> I though snapd would parse native systemd file format and do same
> validation instead.

I would assume that native systemd file format is too complex to do that
safely, especially as systemd adds more features over time. There are so
many options, each of which is an opportunity to do something bad.

(Unless there is some way to tell systemd to apply the snap containment to
its .service files?)

Stuart Bishop <stuart.bis...@canonical.com>
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