> BB> Just to let you know. We had a problem after updating to 2.3.2 this
> BB> where suddenly a lot of our internal mail got caught as spam by
sniffer. Ive
> BB> allready sent a report to the support address. For whatever reason I
> BB> net send to the false@ address.
> BB> All I did was replace the 2.3.1 exe with the 2.3.2 exe (of course with
> BB> correct id name).
> I am unable to duplicate your results.
> I have re-verified my testing.
> I have version 2-3.2 running on our test server without any problems
> and it is capturing 9+ / 10 messages which is typical.
> Please verify that you have the correct executable in place by running
> the program from the command line with no parameters. The correct
> build information is:
> build - v2-3.2 Nov 23 2004 01:21:33
> Then please also verify that you have the correct rulebase in place.

The version is the same as you say. The rulebase was downloaded last night
and later that morning once more but not updated because there were no
changes. I verify every downloaded rulebase. Like I wrote, all I did was
early thismorng replace the 2.3.1. exe with the 2.3.2 exe. After that the
problems started. When I replace the 2.3.2 exe with the 2.3.1 exe all
problems disappeared. As I had to attend a seminar this afternoon I did not
any time for further testing.

I just once more "installed" the 2.3.2 exe, we'll see what happens. As it is
close to 9 PM overhere it should not disrupt any business going on and let
me do some testing.

Did you receive the mail I sent along with the "caught" e-mail and the
logfiles? Anything that pointed to a special rule? Should I change the
logging when this happens so as to provide more information about what might
be happening?

> Hope this helps,
> _M

We'll see.


Bonno Bloksma
.... Back up my hard drive? How do I put it in reverse?

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