Well I did it, upgraded to 3.0 as well. The automatic rule panic feature and 
all the other stuff seemed a good idea. :-)
Setting it up turned out to be straight forward, just follow the instructions. 
Ran into just 2 things and one question.

Forgot to set correct path to identity file, was set to a nonexisting path. 
Started server.
-----<start screenshot>------------------------------
SNF Server Version 3.0 Build: Jun 26 2008 13:25:19
SNFMulti Engine Version 3.0 Build: Jun 26 2008 13:25:06
Launching with c:\IMail\declude\Sniffer3\snf_engine.xml
Unhandled Exception: snf_LoadNewRulebase() Zero length SecurityKey Thrown!
-----<end screenshot>------------------------------
Should have said something like "error in path to identity file"

On page
resultcode 63 is still listed as "Received IPs from spamtraps & research." in 
stead of "Black......"

Is there still a log file for me to ZIP every night or is all logging now at 
ARM research?

p.s. Aren't we at version 3.01? This one I just downloaded still reports 3.0 as 
it's version. Ot was that just the *nix version?

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