It seems the documentation on how to handle a rule panick in the Wiki is not 
complete, to put it mildly. :-(
In my opinion It gives just enough information to frustrate the user into 
finding PROBABLY the right place to enter the information but then leaves 
him/her haning.

I had several mails caught these past few days (I am not a full time 
postmaster) and reported the FP mails to sniffer. But I want to disable a rule 
until I hear back from them. So I went to the wiki and...

Sniffer site, rule panick
2. Create a rule-panic entry in your .cfg file - this will temporarily 
deactivate the rule. 

But how???
In my Sniffer directory there is no .CFG file. Clicking on the .cfg file link 
also is misleading it seems. I have no <LicenseId>.cfg file. I do have an 
identity.xml file with my license in it.

Should I edit my snf_engine.xml file?

What should I edit/enter?
At this point there is no documentation I was able to find which would help me 
solve this problem.

Grepping some more (grep panic *.xml) I finally found I indeed had to enter a 
line in the snf_server.xml file, and Oh yeah, don't add a line to the sample 
lines as they are in a comment box. ;-)
All in all I did find it I think but..... mostly without using the 

It seems the Wiki is out of date, it probably describes a older Sniffer 
version. I should either describe the "current" version of report the 
differences for each version.

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