I've been trying to write an snmp wrapper agent for my JMX Enabled
application which will translate all the information that is layd out in JMX
MBeans into SNMP attributes.

I'm a bit at loss in trying to understand where to start and what to use.
>From what I've read, snmp4j is probably the go to snmp library for Java but
I couldn't manage to understand the code examples that are in the

Also, from reading the description <http://www.snmp4j.org/> for
SNMP4JAgentJMX in the authors web site I think Snmp4jAgentJMX could help me
write this agent but I could not understand how to use it. Actually, looking
at the example code (org.snmp4j.agent.mo.jmx.example.JMXTestAgent) I could
not find the part where the code registers with any MBean or JMX Factory,
which led me to assume that what I did not understand correctly what this
code does.

I would very much appreciate code examples and/or some tutorials or
documentation for someone who has not had experience with SNMP.

Thank you!!
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