Hello *,

a customer asked me to develop a snmp "server" that simulates a real snmp (I 
assume he needs a "manager and fake agent"). He handed me a load of mibs.

Now let's take for granted I understand very little of snmp, and so does my 
customer (it's subcontracted job). I did read some documentation about snmp, 
but "simple" does not mean "easy", as I've read somewhere... so please be 
patient if I ask trivial questions. I know quite enough of java, though.

The snmp simulator should listen for requests and reply after a per-OID 
configurable delay of time. The whole thing is read-only.

Where do I start from? Is code-generation the best way to go in my case, or am 
I better off with runtime parsing, since I have to add configurable delays?

Thanks in advance
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