Hi all,

here's the next snapshot on our way to SoaS v2 Blueberry. This one fixes 
some issues and introduces new features, namely:

* the updated FoodForce2, Slideruler and SocialCalc activities
* the gtk-recordmydesktop tool - execute it from the terminal
* new sample content - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - see below
* fix boot issues of XO builds - Martin Dengler

The snapshot is available here (following the soas04 naming scheme):


Known issues (https://bugs.launchpad.net/soas/+bugs) include:

* Sugar crashes on XO if vertical scrollbar accessed
* Record fails to launch on a Classmate 2 (Magalhãls)
* No sample maps appear in v2 Snapshots
* Read crashes when trying to display EPUB sample
* CartoonBuilder Activity fails to launch

In case you've an idea what's going on with these issues, please comment 
in their tickets or just reply here, as they're pretty critical for the 
upcoming SoaS release!

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