This is an example of a dd writable SoaS-v2.img file which produces a fully functional Conventional install on a USB. This is equivalent to a liveinst install to USB.[1]

   It was first suggested by bernie [2] in early 2010 as a better
   alternative to the currently used live USB SoaS filesystems with
their fragile and limited sized overlay,
   * This functionality is expected to be included in fedora 17
     liveinst (Anaconda)
   * It would be even nicer to be able to create and install to USB,
     the Soas-v7.img file directly from the first sugar boot screen as
     a third option line, rather from a obscure liveinst command in

[1] (a working 4GB dd Soas-v2.img file and description. As proof of concept) [2] (Original Announcement)

SoaS-v6 is great...thanks

Tom Gilliard

On 11/09/2011 04:18 PM, Peter Robinson wrote:
Hi All,

So there's no rest for the wicked.... its time to think about what you
would like to develop for SoaS v7. I know upstream is all very busy
already.... the sugar team are full pelt into the conversion of sugar
to gtk3 and PyGI and there's all sorts of fun stuff going into
Fedora... so what do you want?

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