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Frederick showed traceback from shell.log which said
viewhelp_webkit2.py is missing.

viewhelp_webkit2.py is missing from sugar-0.110.0-5.fc27.noarch.rpm

viewhelp_webkit2.py was added by sugar-0.110.0-5.fc27.src.rpm

main.py and viewhelp.py are properly changed by
sugar-dropWebKitGtk3.patch but the files added by
sugar-dropWebKitGtk3.patch are missing.

Thomas likely hit the same problem, but has not confirmed same

I don't know how to fix Peter's Fedora-packaging of my patch.  As
upstream release manager my answer is "use 0.112" which Peter says is
unlikely to happen because of the freeze.  Second best option is to
fix the packaging.

Patch doesn't look like it was in Fedora 26, as I cannot find a file

The sugar-help package has nothing to do with the problem, but it
would be nice to have it fixed too.

James Cameron
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