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*Headlines *

   - Triple Taps Augmented Reality To Sell Furniture
   - Vance Street Capital Backs Acquisition By A&E Medical
   - Solarflare Rolls Out Support For New Fabric Protocol
   - JMI Equity Promotes Two <#m_-3075345676299182344_0071478>
   - J.D. Powers Sets Chief Digital Officer
   - HBO Hackers Leak Executive Emails <#m_-3075345676299182344_0071477>
   - AppFolio Swizzles CEO <#m_-3075345676299182344_0071476>
   - Netflix Acquires Comic Book Publisher Millarworld
   - March Capital Partners Seeks $300M In Two New Funds
   - Faraday Future Leases New Factory In San Joaquin Valley


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   - Tech Coast Map & Calendar – Put Your Company On The Map!
   - Oracle <#m_-3075345676299182344_ad683>
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*Tuesday, August 8, 2017*

*Triple Taps Augmented Reality To Sell Furniture*
Los Angeles-based Triple, a startup developing augmented reality
applications, said today that it has launched a new app to let users shop
for furniture--and see how that furniture looks like in their home or
office. (More... <http://www.socaltech.com/fullstory/0071475.html>)

*Vance Street Capital Backs Acquisition By A&E Medical*
Los Angeles-based private equity investor Vance Street Capital said this
morning that its existing portfolio firm, A&E Medical Corporation, has
acquired RTI Surgical's Cardiothoracic Closure business. Financial details
of the acquisition were not announced. The acquisition is the second
acquisition for A&E Medical. Vance Street Capital acquired A&E Medical in
February of 2016. Vance Street said it was advised by Paul Hastings LLP in
the deal, with RTi being advised by Stephens Inc. (More...

*Solarflare Rolls Out Support For New Fabric Protocol*
Irvine-based networking equipment maker Solarflare said today that it has
demonstrated a new Ethernet fabric protocol, NVMe over fabric, along with
Samsung Semiconductor and Supermicro. According to Solarflare, its support
of NVme over TCP on its XtremeScale network interface cards (NICs) will be
commercially available on September 30th. (More...

*JMI Equity Promotes Two* <http://www.socaltech.com/fullstory/0071478.html>
San Diego- and Baltimore-based private equity investor *JMI Equity
<http://www.jmi.com>* announced this morning that it has made two
promotions. The company said it has named Larry Contrella as Principal at
the company, and named Paul Chang as Vice President. Contrella is based in
Baltimore, and has been at the firm since 2010. Chang is in San Diego, and
has been at JMI Equity since 2013. Contrella previously was at Merrill
Lynch & Co.; Chang was previously at Jeffries LLC.(More...

*J.D. Powers Sets Chief Digital Officer*
Costa Mesa-based J.D. Power, the consumer analytics company best known for
collecting data on consumer satisfaction in the automotive industry, said
it has named Bernardo Rodriguez as its new Chief Digital Officer. J.D.
Power said the new position will focus on its "digital transformation", and
specifically on new product development, branding, marketing and mergers
and acquisitions. Rodriguez joins the company from digital agency Huge,
where he was Man‌aging Director of Strategy. (More...

*HBO Hackers Leak Executive Emails*
The hack over at HBO--which already has seen an early release of four
upcoming Game of Thrones episodes--appears to be getting worse, as those
hackers have released a month's worth of an executive's emails to The
Hollywood Reporter and others. Those emails reportedly include significant
confidential emails and scripts. HBO is insisting that its email systems
"as a whole" have not been hacked. (More...

*AppFolio Swizzles CEO* <http://www.socaltech.com/fullstory/0071476.html>
Santa Barbara-based software developer AppFolio announced on Monday
afternoon that it has named Jason Randall as the company's new President
and Chief Executive Officer, as well as new member of the company's board.
Randall is replacing President, CEO, and director Brian Donahoo, who
AppFolio says is retiring from the company. Randall has been at AppFolio
for the last nine years, most recently serving as Senior Vice President,
AppFolio Property Manager. (More...

*Netflix Acquires Comic Book Publisher Millarworld*
Netflix, the online television streaming and entertainment company, said
Monday morning that it has acquired Millarworld, the comic book publisher
behind such characters as Kick-Ass, Kingsman, and Old Man Logan. Netflix,
which has significant operations in the Los Angeles area, did not disclose
financial details of the acquisition. Netflix and Millarworld said they
would bring Millarworld's portfolio of characters to life through films,
series and kids' shows available exclusively to Netflix. (More...

*March Capital Partners Seeks $300M In Two New Funds*
Santa Monica-based March Capital Partners, the local venture capital
investment fund led by Jim Armstrong, Sumant Mandal, Gregory Milken and
Jamie Montgomery, is looking to raise a total of $300M in two new funds,
according to regulatory filings from the firm released today. Those filings
indicate March is looking to raise $150M in its second fund, March Capital
Partners II, L.P. as well as another $150M in March Capital Opportunity
Fund II, L.P.. (More... <http://www.socaltech.com/fullstory/0071468.html>)

*Faraday Future Leases New Factory In San Joaquin Valley*
Los Angeles-based electric vehicle designer Faraday Future said this
morning that it has leased a new, manufacturing facility--located in the
San Joaquin Valley--where it plans to start up production of its first
production vehicle, the FF 91. According to Faraday Future, it has begun
the process of cleaning up the site, which is based in Hanford, California,
in preparation for moving in manufacturing equipment for the company. (
More... <http://www.socaltech.com/fullstory/0071463.html>)

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8/03/17 Sugarfina, LLC <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86954> Los
Angeles $35.00 M
8/02/17 TrackR, Inc. <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86906> Santa
Barbara $50.00 M
8/01/17 Amplyx Pharmaceuticals
<http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86890> San Diego $67.00 M
7/31/17 FanAI <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86732> Santa
Monica $1.80
7/31/17 Vetted PetCare, Inc.
<http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86805> Venice $3.47 M
7/27/17 Within <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86729> Los
Angeles $40.00
7/25/17 Greenlots <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86589> Los
Angeles $0.00 M
7/25/17 Rebound Therapeutics Corp
<http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86590> Irvine $16.50 M
7/25/17 Emagispace <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86593> Los
Angeles $4.20 M
7/25/17 PerimeterX <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86594> San
Mateo $23.00 M
7/25/17 Site1001 <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86596> San
Clemente $6.00 M
7/24/17 Allegro Opthamics <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86583> San
Juan Capistrano $10.70 M
7/20/17 SkySafe, Inc. <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86463> San
Diego $11.50 M
7/19/17 Brain Corporation <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=86454> San
Diego $114.00 M

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Engineering Mgr, Electrical Hardware. Aerospace. Valencia
<http:///showjob.php?id=5691> withheld
Sr. DevOps Engineer near Hollywood, CA at Awesome Startup
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Director, Product Management, Video <http:///showjob.php?id=5689> OpenX
Vice President, Investor Relations <http:///showjob.php?id=5688> Rubicon
Senior Accountant, Technical Accounting <http:///showjob.php?id=5687> Snap
Development Test Engineer <http:///showjob.php?id=5686> SpaceX
Quality Assurance Engineer <http:///showjob.php?id=5685> Leaf Group
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