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*Headlines *

   - Illumina Sets Chief Medical Officer <#m_6433127812493378656_0074042>
   - BlackLine Investors Look For More Liquidity In New Offering
   - Trump Blocks Broadcom's Acquisition Of Qualcomm, Citing National
   Security <#m_6433127812493378656_0074040>
   - Blast Picks Up $5M For Micro Savings Startup
   - XPRIZE Launches New $10M, Avatar Competition


   - Recurring Revenue Conference 2018—April 12, Marina del Rey Marriott
   - Simplify Cloud Management - Multi-Cloud Command & Control from Key Info
   - Stubbs Alderton & Markiles Preccelerator <#m_6433127812493378656_ad694>
   - SoCal IP Law Group LLP - Serving the IP Needs of Technology Innovators
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*Tuesday, March 13, 2018*

*Illumina Sets Chief Medical Officer*
San Diego-based life sciences equipment maker Illumina said this morning
that it has appointed Dr. Phil Febbo as its Chief Medical Officer (CMO).
Febbo was most recently CMO of Genomic Health, and also had served as
Professor of Medicine and Urology at the University of California, San
Francisco (UCSF). Acording to Illumina, Febbo has worked in the area for
the past 25 years. (More...

*BlackLine Investors Look For More Liquidity In New Offering*
Los Angeles-based accounting softare developer BlackLine announced late
Monday that it will be launching an underwritten public offering of
8,000,000 shares of its stock, in what appears to be a move to provide some
liquidity to its early investors. According to BlackLine, the shares in the
offering are being sold by Silver Lake Sumeru, investment funds affiliated
with ICONIQ, Therese Tucker, the company's CEO and founder; and Mario
Spanicciati, the company's Chief Marketing Officer. (More...

*Trump Blocks Broadcom's Acquisition Of Qualcomm, Citing National Security*
In a surprise move, President Trump issued an order late Monday evening,
blocking the proposed takeover of San Diego-based Qualcomm by Broadcom,
citing national defense--despite Broadcom's efforts to relocate its
headquarters back to the United States. In a statement, the White House
said that the proposed takeover of Qualcomm would "impair the national
security of the United States" and the move was made to "protect the
national security" of the US. (More...

*Blast Picks Up $5M For Micro Savings Startup*
Newport Beach-based startup Blast has raised $5M, to help turn games into
"micro-saving" earning tools, the company said today. According to Blast,
the company's $5M seed funding came from Forbes and Roth families, Core
Innovation Capital, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Snowmass Private Equity,
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, and others. (Funding Details
)(More... <https://www.socaltech.com/fullstory/0074029.html>)

*XPRIZE Launches New $10M, Avatar Competition*
The XPRIZE, the Los Angeles nonprofit focused on running competitions to
help solve world problems, has launched a new prize competition, in
conjunction with All Nippon Airways (ANA). According to the fundation, it
has launched a new, prize called the $10M ANA Avatar XPRIZE, which will
focus on creating integrated, robot "avatar" devices which would remotely
enable people to see, hear, touch, and interact with physical environments
and other people, all remotely. (More...

*Recurring Revenue Conference 2018—April 12, Marina del Rey Marriott
Presented by Sutton Capital Partners. Join 600+ entrepreneurs, SaaS and
subscription innovators, leading VCs, private equity/angel investors and
executives on April 12.

8am-5:30pm followed by cocktail reception. Speaker lineup includes 2
Therese Tucker, Founder & CEO, BlackLine and Rick Stollmeyer, CEO &
Co-Founder, MINDBODY, Inc.

Register and use Promo Code: SocalTECH for 20% discount. Register at:

Questions: n...@suttoncapitalpartners.com

*Simplify Cloud Management - Multi-Cloud Command & Control from Key Info
Simplify Cloud Management - Multi-Cloud Command & Control from Key
Information Systems

A major downfall of a hybrid or multi-cloud environment is the difficulty
in monitoring and maintaining numerous instances across several accounts
and platforms. Add that to deployment complexity and capacity issues, and
your business will struggle to reap the benefits of cloud. A multi-cloud
consolidation platform from KeyInfo solves these issues and more!

KeyInfo provides top notch multi-cloud services, management capabilities
and tailored support. We enable customers to procure cloud services from a
single source, allowing for the access and management of a full range of
industry-leading IaaS cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, IBM,
Microsoft and more. We work with you to meet your cloud strategy needs and
enable you to leverage all of the unique capabilities of the platform.

To schedule an appointment, visit

*Stubbs Alderton & Markiles Preccelerator
Accelerating Growth for Early Stage Innovation

The Preccelerator® Program is a platform offered to select start-up
companies out of the Santa Monica office of Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP
that provides interim office space, sophisticated legal services,
mentorship and access to a strategic perks portfolio with the objective of
helping you grow your idea from business concept to funded startup. The
Preccelerator® Program provides these benefits to as many as 10 promising
young startups in separate growth tracks.


*SoCal IP Law Group LLP - Serving the IP Needs of Technology Innovators
IP Litigation . IP Transactions . Patent & Trademark Prosecution . IP
Strategy .

Westlake Village . Santa Barbara . Irvine.

i...@socalip.com 805-230-1350 www.socalip.com

*Early Stage Commercial Insurance - Pacific Unified Insurance Agency
We are a commercial insurance broker working with startup and early
stage technology and E-Commerce companies to implement cost effective
strategies for their insurance and risk management programs. We
provide guidance and strategic planning during various phases and also
advise regarding employee benefit structures to assist in employee
recruiting and retention. Coverage placements include D&O, Property,
Liability, Workers Comp, E&O, Cyber/Network Security and Employee
Benefit Programs.


John Huttinger, CIC, CRM
Vice President
Ph#310-370-5000 Ext 3025 w Fx 310-370-5454

*Pixelgate.net - Internet Access, Web Hosting, Network Services
We put the "Service" back into Internet Service Provider.


*Recent Funding <#m_6433127812493378656_funding>*
3/12/18 Blast <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90716> Los
Angeles $5.00
3/12/18 Radiology Partners Holdings, LLC
<http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90715> Manhattan Beach $234.00 M
3/09/18 Bird <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90699> Santa
Monica $100.00
3/08/18 Atom Tickets <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90658> Santa
Monica $60.00 M
3/07/18 Camera IQ <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90657> $0.30 M
3/06/18 OrderMark, Inc. <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90661> Los
Angeles $3.10 M
3/01/18 Scalefast <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90444> Manhattan
Beach $8.00 M
2/23/18 Intellisense <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90293>
Torrance $0.00 M
2/22/18 FanAI <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90289> Santa
Monica $2.50
2/22/18 Vision Esports <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90294> Beverly
Hills $38.00 M
2/21/18 Lindora <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90258> Costa
Mesa $0.00
2/16/18 NGD Systems <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90188>
Irvine $12.40
2/15/18 Workast <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90185> Santa
Monica $1.85 M
2/15/18 Miso Robotics, Inc. <http:///intelligence/?action=showdeal&id=90181>
Pasadena $10.00 M

*Upcoming Events*
Submit your events at least two weeks in advance to:
March 13, Santa Monica -- *LA Female Founder Office Hours*
LA Female Founder Office Hours. This is the first in a series of Female
Founder Office Hours, staffed by female partners from a collective of VC
firms. For our first event, we'll be focused on helping seed-stage female
founders with their pitches. We'll be offering forty 1:1 office hour slots
with 10 female VC partners from Benchmark, Canaan, Cowboy, Forerunner,
Freestyle, Lux, Sequoia, and Reach. There will also be a talk by two former
female founders-turned-VCs on how to fundraise, based on their experiences
from both sides of the table. The event is also a great opportunity for
female founders to meet, mingle, and share advice with one another. Our
goal is for every female founder to walk away with a bit of advice from
some female investors and a few new female founder friends that they can
count on. We hope to use this to kickstart a virtuous cycle and community
of women helping women.. See

March 15, Los Angeles --
*R.E.D. Talks - Fireside Chat with Joanna McFarland* Fireside Chat with
Joanna McFarland. LAEDC. While
attending a kids birthday party, Joanna was commiserating with other moms
about the challenge of getting their children to and from after school
activities safely and on time. Joanna turned this challenge into an
opportunity, and before long, the ride share service, HopSkipDrive for kids
was born. Join us as Joanna shares the entrepreneurial journey she and her
two co-founders have been on as they’ve grown a stable and successful
business.. See http://www.socaltech.com/calendar/eventid/26019

March 15, Irvine --
*TCVN Workshop: How to Build a Revenue Machine* TCVN Workshop: How to Build
a Revenue Machine. Many
startups and small businesses view online advertising as an expensive,
risky, and confusing undertaking. However, it is actually very inexpensive
to test and can be highly profitable if managed correctly. In this
workshop, Alex Jewett will demystify the workings of Google Adwords and
show you the simple steps to getting started with a search pay-per-click
advertising campaign. You will walk away knowing how to do keyword
research, set up a campaign, and track results. See

April 10, Los Angeles -- *Los Angeles Digital Summit* Los
Angeles Digital Summit. The Definitive Digital Marketing Gathering. See

April 11, Los Angeles -- *Los Angeles Digital Summit* Los
Angeles Digital Summit. The Definitive Digital Marketing Gathering. See

April 12, Marina Del Rey --
*Recurring Revenue Conference 2018* Recurring Revenue Conference 2018.
Sutton Capital Partners is
proud to present the fourth annual RECURRING REVENUE CONFERENCE. We invite
entrepreneurs, executives and investors who want to learn about the latest
innovations, business models and customer retention to achieve explosive
growth. Whether you are a SaaS or subscription business, or if customer
retention is critical for your success, this is the premier Southern
California event to learn from the tech pioneers. Today’s analytical
insights, coupled with disciplined tactics are enabling companies to deepen
their customer relationships in unparalleled ways. Come hear from experts
who are successfully growing their industry-leading companies, as well as
from the investors backing the. See

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More jobs at http://www.socaltech.com/Jobs
CFO or VP Finance <http:///showjob.php?id=5698> withheld
Product Engineer I <http:///showjob.php?id=5697> Aerovironment
Head of CRM Marketing <http:///showjob.php?id=5696> Thrive Market
Accounts Payable Specialist <http:///showjob.php?id=5695> Snap Inc.
Hardware Development Manager <http:///showjob.php?id=5694> SpaceX
Cloud Management Architect <http:///showjob.php?id=5693> Withheld
Engineering Mgr, Electrical Hardware. Aerospace. Valencia
<http:///showjob.php?id=5691> withheld
Sr. DevOps Engineer near Hollywood, CA at Awesome Startup
<http:///showjob.php?id=5690> ZestFinance
Director, Product Management, Video <http:///showjob.php?id=5689> OpenX
Vice President, Investor Relations <http:///showjob.php?id=5688> Rubicon
Senior Accountant, Technical Accounting <http:///showjob.php?id=5687> Snap
Development Test Engineer <http:///showjob.php?id=5686> SpaceX
Quality Assurance Engineer <http:///showjob.php?id=5685> Leaf Group
Associate Recruiter <http:///showjob.php?id=5684> Safire Partners
Senior Product Development Manager <http:///showjob.php?id=5680> Belkin

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