Related to the past talks by Brooks and Rochelle, I'd be interested in
leading a discussion about some projects I'm working on for
operationalizing conceptual change in communications data.

*I'm interested in the way communities and communication shape ideas. Is it
possible to track conceptual change in data from Twitter and email? In
order to explore this question I am developing models for text and network
analysis that are new, maybe.*

*This talk will present my work-in-progress developing a Python
implementation of these models. In doing so, I will explore the
possibilities of text featurization in between commonly used n-gram "bag of
words" models and syntax tree parsing and compare methods for visualizing
semantic information flows.*

This is not the final draft of the talk description, just a first pass.

I could take the full 2 hour time slot, or I could split it with somebody
else. Anybody else interested in pitching a project this or some other week?

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