*March 13's Social Computing is another Double Feature:*

*3:30-4:30 - Collecting and displaying data with with the Web (D. Clark)*


*4:30-5:30 - nframe: experiments in text featurization (S. Benthall)*

In “Collecting and displaying data with with the Web,” Dav Clark will
provide an overview of web architecture for social scientists. He will
focus on the challenges of coordinating two computational environments -
the server and the browser. Topics include static and dynamic web servers,
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including an explanation of what some of the
major JS frameworks do. This is a great opportunity to find some colleagues
to learn with!

In “nframe: experiments in text featurization,” Sebastian Benthall will
present recent work-in-progress on nframe, an implementation of an
unconventional approach to text featurization. Designed for analyzing
conceptual change in large amounts of communications data, nframe tries to
walk a middle path between n-gram ‘bag of words’ text models and the full
grammatical parsing used in feature extraction. If Seb can get his act
together in time, this talk may include an interactive demo.
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