Tomorrow, Friday, 5/14, from 3:30pm-5:30pm, Daniel Aranki, a PhD student in
EECS, will give a talk on *Private Disclosure of Information*.

*We present a novel framework, called Private Disclosure of Information
(PDI), which is aimed to prevent an adversary from inferring certain
sensitive information about subjects using the data that they disclosed
during communication with an intended recipient. We show cases where it is
possible to achieve perfect privacy regardless of the adversary's auxiliary
knowledge while preserving full utility of the information to the intended
recipient and provide sufficient conditions for such cases. We also
demonstrate the applicability of PDI on a real-world data set that
simulates a health tele-monitoring scenario.*

*In the second part of the talk, we present a general-purpose framework for
health tele-monitoring, which is the motivation behind PDI. We start by
briefly presenting the results from a pilot study that featured 15 patients
with heart failure from which we learned lessons towards the design of the
general-purpose framework. We then present the features and components of
the framework as they relate to the lessons learned from the aforementioned
pilot study, and close by describing directions for future work.*
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