I have a lot of I School students in a class I'm offering in the fall, but
I would love more diversity from across campus. The class is an opportunity
to learn about "hacking" sensing, mobile, satellite and utility data (more
accessible / lighter than what's offered in engineering). The formal
seminar will be offered through the I School, with a "CoLab" where we work
on projects in BIDS. More info here:


You can register your interest with the "sign up" button, and even suggest
a project that you'd like to get some grad students working on.

We are still coordinating with project clients and speakers, but we've
planned for the first 5 weeks with more info here (with a focus on using
sensors with Arduinos):


Other topics will be covered later in the semester.

Here's the course catalog entry:


​Feel free to ask me more, and forward to folks who might be interested!​

Finally - please forgive the mass email. This is (I hope) of cross-cutting
interest, but for the future, register here if you want to stay in the loop:


Dav Clark
Data Scientist
Berkeley D-Lab + BIDS
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