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> Hi
> I tried Debian/Ubuntu with different kernels 2.6.32 and 2.6.38 on net6501-70 
> BIOS 1.41a. All do not detect the HPET.
> Kernel timer interrupt frequency is approx. 1000 Hz instead of 4000 Hz or 
> higher with LowLatency kernel. Same kernels on other motherboards work fine.
> cat /proc/timer_list does not list hpet and shows
> .resolution: 999848 nsecs instead of 1 nsecs
> Any workaround?

Disclaimer: I don't have a net6501.

I think you really want a later kernel than the ones in Debian Squeeze. You can 
either get a 3.2 kernel from backports.debian.org, or you could upgrade to 
wheezy. There are many issues with earlier kernels that mean the very new 
hardware in the 6501 isn't fully supported.

You should also grab the latest firmware for the 6501 from the Soekris web 
site. There may be beta firmware that will work better for you, as well.


Chris Boot

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