Jim Pingle <li...@pingle.org> wrote:

>On 9/21/2012 10:39 AM, Robert Guerra wrote:
>> Have you or other members of the list compiled pfsense 2.1 from
>> so as to generate the  Soekris 6501 kernel extensions? 
>> If not, might there be someone on the list that could help me with
>What kernel extensions? I'm not aware of any net6501-specific code in
>FreeBSD anywhere yet. There are some options for older geode-based
>Soekris boards but we already include those in pfSense (via options
>If there are newer options/code that I'm not aware of I'd love to hear
>about it. Doing a grep through the source tree didn't turn up anything,
>but I only looked at the source for 9.1.

Found it.



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