Hi all,

This would be an extension of the CrowdFX compound on blending two animations. 
This enables the actors to shoot bullets when animation is blended.


Download Link (including demo scene):

Instruction on how to use is included in the download link as PDF Readme file.

The previous compound on blending two animations have also been updated. For 
instructions on using the updated animation blending, look into the PDF Readme 
file in its download link. Download link for previous animation blending 
compound is at 


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Hey all,

Here is another CrowdFX Compound. This one is used to override bones animation.

Demo - blending upper body with aim animation:

Download Link (All of the attached files + demo scene [named 'SoftImage ICE 
CrowdFX - Override Animation.scn']): 

How to use:
- Execute `Store Actor Hierarchy` compound - see attached 'Store Actor 
- In `Animation Definition`, connect `Override Animation` to the animation 
state's pose modifier which you would like to override - see attached 
'Animation Definition.PNG'

- Parent Bone is the bone which animation and descendants' animation (children, 
grandchildren etc.) will be overridden. You can find all bones that you could 
use from Crowd > Actors_Proxies > [Model]_mesh > Deformers_Proxy > [Bone Name] 
- see attached 'Get Bone.PNG'.
- For animation index, you can debug `self.__CrowdFX_CycleNames` or go to 
'Get_Animations_Sources' ICE tree of the crowd and get the index of the 
animation that you want (index is 0 based)
- 'On Condition' is the condition in which animation is overridden; if you 
would like the animation to override at all time, put it as true. Otherwise, 
you can use conditions.
- For frame mode, you have the options to manually specify which frame of 
animation you would like to use or you can put it on loop. 'Frame to Use' is 
the frame number used if you choose to specify the animation frame.
- Transition duration is the duration in which the overriding is being blended.


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