Similar story here,
As it was inevitable Sotimage jobs are declining, I also moved towards more
specific hired fro character animation and also helping out rendering with
my small GPU render farm so not so much dependable on full from start to
finish work as before.
Most of char animation jobs are in maya, which even as maya is second best
for character animation, after SI ofc, it is still rather unpleasant
experience. So keep working for bills and moving to Houdini. Part by part
ofc, first fundamental stuff overall logic, then checking out animation,
then rendering parts. That should cover mostly everything I'm doing right
now as well  :)
So yea I've added houdini to my render pool as well, indi for now but if
there are people around that needs some help with full version will be
looking to upgrading to that as well.
At the moment waiting for 21st to get into h16 :)

On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 11:29 AM, Gerbrand Nel <> wrote:

> I tried Maya for a year....
> I got so depressed with what my life became, that I decided to go for
> Houdini full time.
> If choosing Houdini meant that I no longer could find work as a
> freelancer, I was happier to start a new career, than living out my days
> using maya.
> I's been 2 years, and I've been busier and happier than even in the
> softimage era.
> Houdini engine means I can even work in a Maya team if we plan stuff
> properly.
> I also get to go home at 5 and watch the Maya team stay late because
> clients always change shit.
> G
> On 2017/02/16 12:14 PM, Andi Farhall wrote:
> From a personal perspective It's Houdini for me. Maya will only get worse
> the more they dick about with it and having to buy a shed load of plugins
> just to make it usable is too expensive for most freelancers. I've also
> much more faith in SideFX to keep providing me with evolving software.
> A>
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> I've been looking at houdini, liking it a lot, but what houses in London
> are switching to it? Or am I, once again choosing the underdog software
>  (Combustion, anyone?)
> Also, if I recommend it as the main software where I usually work, will
> they be able to get Houdini people that are generalists, are enough of us
> switching?
> Just throwing these out there to gather the mood.
> Cheers all
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