what are your different ways to manage:

when you want to use a tablet screen pressure pen to draw

how you yourself as user of 3D do:

do you use Mudbox, or ZBrush, or what software?

to convert a 2d line/drawing into a 3D mesh

or could i imagine you do: you conceive to do that in Ice or even Houdini?

i think my experience with Mudbox is
that there is a balance between chance encounter and guidance/control by
the drawing gesture
, so as happen with hand drawing with a 2B pencil on paper. (you can decide
the proportion of intuition and chance, and undo or corrections)
yet there is a greater proportion of chance/hasard, in proportion to the
less reflexion/practice
of the tools offered by Mudbox, you have allowed yourself to indulge. no?

i don't know, either way: 1) there is a 'medium' quality provided by the
fact that I am working with Mudbox as a medium, which helps finding through
ordeals and tests a new kind of making/conceiving drawing art.
2) i hope as well, nevertheless, to find Mudbox to constitute the smoothest
way possible, an appendice or prosthesis of my Imagination, which has been
experienced by years of practice of 2B pencils drawings on paper since
childhood, and art history and geography documentations in experiences &

i know most of the 3D industry is turned towards photorealism, and i am not.
yet it is also changing since one or two years. (i also do not like to use
the word 'organic' to describe forms which are 'natural', when talking
digital art)

so i am asking you, in my position, do you, or would you, use Houdini, or
ICE XSI, or Mudbox,
if you want to invent new shapes in your Imagination, thanks to 3D tools
(so which ones, extractions, vectors(?), etc, etc?)

Thank You in advance,
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