Here is a summary of what the team did from Feb 12 to Feb 23.

Sprint taskboard:

Also we have a brand new showcase website! See
http://www.softwarefactory-project.io for further details. The website
will also list our sprint reviews.

Regarding openstack-infra:

* The patch letting operators define a default maximum holding time
for nodepool was merged upstream.
* Addressed an issue that crashed ARA during devstack runs:
* Patch to improve zuul loading speed merged
* Worked on making zuul compatible with Ansible 2.4, ended up create a
backport to 2.4: https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/36572

Regarding Software Factory:

* We're working on a Proof-of-Concept Zuul Web Admin
* We've finalize the script to automatically generate Zuul and
Nodepool dashboards. We updated softwarefactory-project.io to validate
grafs with real data
(https://softwarefactory-project.io/grafana/?orgId=1 ). We also added
in the config repo a metric directory to allow users to add custom
* We have published a first version
http://www.softwarefactory-project.io using CI/CD via the pages
* We have integrated last repoxplorer version 1.2.0 to SF
* We have enabled two periodic jobs to validate SF install (last
stable) on centos and centos CR
* We have moved the SF backup node on the private PCTT cloud
* We deployed a real pre-production called trysf.io to validate the
2.7->3.0 (candidate) upgrade and we upgraded the production
deploymented: new zuul dashboard, new statsd metrics and elk stash
working with zuulv3 jobs

Regarding RepoXplorer:

* New authors feature available in the UI
* Added a progress indicator to info boxes
* Release of version 1.2.0

The next public review will happen Thursday March 8 13:00 UTC, feel
free to join us on #softwarefactory for the event details.

The SF team

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