Sprint taskboard:

Here is a summary of what the team did from Feb 23 to March 8.

Regarding openstack-infra:
- We worked on the last review due for the version 3 release: the
javascript tooling and the zuul_stream refactor.
- We discovered zookeeper issues after discussing the kazoo retry patch.
- We continued to work on the patch to read a tenant config from an
external script (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/535878/) to have it
merged soon.
- Created a patch to have notifications from zuul on the firehose at
pre- and post- stages during a job build:

Regarding Software Factory:
- We finalized the version 3.0 release, now waiting for
openstack-infra tags of zuul and nodepool to tag the final repo.
- We upgraded softwarefactory-project.io to the candidate repo and
validated all the new features are working as expected.
- We integrated the etsy/hound code-search service [DEMO:]
- We integrated DLRN as a SF component and managed to have an
implementation that allow multiple DLRN's projects on the same host
(DLRN projects defined  in the config repo, gateway path to the repo
and api by project)
- We started to discuss the use of DLRN for the SF build workflow and
here is a workflow proposal workflow:
- still working on revamping firehooks to support failed job autohold
from gerrit comment

Regarding other things:
- We worked on a log-classify presentation and an initial integration
within zuul-jobs: a new base role can be used to automatically process
job logs and report anomalies: for example:  [DEMO:
https://softwarefactory-project.io/r/#/c/11442/ ]
- Started to work on a presentation and notebook workshop around
- David will be speaking about openstack-infra at OpenStack Montreal:
- David is also involved in the organization of the Ansible Montreal
meetup and the OpenStack Canada day

Next public review will happen Thursday March 22 13:00 UTC, feel free
to join us on #softwarefactory for the event details.

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