I haven't been following the Cloud stuff very closely, can someone clarify 
what exactly the situation is w/Solr Cloud and Java 1.6.

Will merging the cloud changes to trunk require that core pieces of Solr 
be compiled/run with Java 1.6 (ie: a change to our minimum operating 
requirements) or will it just require that people wanting cloud 
management features use a 1.6 JVM and include a new solr contrib and 
appropriate config options at run time (and this contrib is the only thing 
that needs to be compiled with 1.6) ?

As far as hudson and the build system goes ... there's certainly no reason 
we can't have more then one setup ... one build using JDK 1.5 (with the 
build.xml files detecting the JDK version and vocally not building the 
code that can't be compiled (either just the contrib, or all of solr) and 
a seperate build using JDK 1.6 that builds and test everything.

(having this setup in general would be handy if/when other lucene contribs 
start wanting to incorporate Java 1.6 features)

: bq. As I wrap up the remaining work here, one issue looms: We are going 
: to need to move Hudson to Java 6 before this can be committed.
: In most respects, I think that would be a positive anyway.  Java6 is now 
: the primary production deployment platform for new projects (and it's 
: new projects that will be using new lucene and/or solr).  With respect 
: to keeping Lucene Java5 compatible, we can always run the tests with 
: Java5 before commits (that's what I did in the past when Lucene was on 
: Java1.4)


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