Erick Erickson wrote:
Well, there certainly *can* be absolute paths, it depends
on whether all your jars are relative to the checked-out
project or whether you had to go exploring your machine.

I didn't said that is not possible to have absolute paths. :-)
True, there certainly *can* be absolute paths, but they are not
necessary and can easily be avoided.

But that's a nit. I agree it's certainly possible to carefully
construct the necessary files so that all paths are relative,
and include all the relevant jars located at those relative
path locations.


Are you volunteering? If so, feel free to create a JIRA
and attach any patches, I'm sure one of the committers will
be happy to make it happen, assuming they approve...

I am curious to know what's the IDE (if any at all) is used by
the majority of Lucene/Solr committers.

I'll put more effort on this, if the majority of committers are
using Eclipse, otherwise it will be of no value for the project.



But you're right

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