It's not up to Lucene and Solr, as it is an Apache Infrastructure thing.  It is 
also unclear as to provenance w/ GIT.  So, even for all of GITs benefits, it's 
a non-starter at this point Foundation wise, so no need for a flamewar at all.

For the record, yes, I deal with dozens of patches at a time through SVN, and I 
suspect most other committers do too.

On Apr 17, 2010, at 3:20 AM, Thomas Koch wrote:

> Hi,
> at least since august 2009 nobody has dared to ask this question, so let's 
> start a flamewar:
> Don't you think, it's time for lucene and solr to switch to GIT?
> And now seriously:
> I did the last packaging of SOLR 1.4 for Debian and I intend to continue 
> doing 
> so. Since I'm doing the packaging in GIT, I'm asking myself, whether I should 
> base the packaging GIT repository on the SOLR repo found at
> However if the one from git.a.o is not stable and may crash at any given 
> time, 
> this would not be a good idea.
> And the best thing for those packagers like me would be of course, if the GIT 
> repo would be the official one.
> And I wonder, if there are really people using SVN and downloading douzens of 
> patch files from jira? Isn't it, that everybody already uses git-svn?
> Best regards,
> Thomas Koch,
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