If you want to do this as a single delete-by-query, you could OR all the clauses together:

<delete><query>load_id:(20070424150841 OR 20070425145301 .... )</ query></delete>


On May 1, 2007, at 2:14 AM, Ryan McKinley wrote:

escher2k wrote:
I am trying to remove documents from my index using "delete by query".
However when I did this, the deleted
items seem to remain. This is the format of the XML file I am using -
When I do the deletes individually, it seems to work (i.e. create each of
the above in a separate file). Does this
mean that each delete query request has to be executed separately ?

correct, delete (unlike <add>) only accepts one command.

Just to note, if "load_id" is your unique key, you could also use:

This will give you better performance and does not commit the changes until you explicitly send <commit/>

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