Awesome! Thanks Erik and Erick!!

To close the loop on this, I was able to create a paramset via the rest api
and then use it in a query via ?paramSet=myParams and it's working!!

Hopefully this information will help someone else...

My dataset has some text fields that should be used in more-like-this and
it has some machine learning classifier score fields that vary from 0..1
that I want to be able to do facets over different scores.

Here's the rest call to create my paramset:

export SOLR_BASE=
export CORE=mycore

curl "$SOLR_BASE/$CORE/config/params" -H 'Content-type:application/json'
 -d '{
      "facet": "on",
      "facet.range.start": "0.5",
      "facet.range.end": "1.0",
      "": "0.1",
      "facet.range.other" : "all",
      "mlt": "on",
      "mlt.fl": "textfield1,textfield2",

Then I needed to add this new paramset to the *END* of the list in the
requestHandler's useParams attribute:

<requestHandler name="/browse" class="solr.SearchHandler"

A few wiki pages that I found useful...

   - "Request Parameters API":
   - "InitParms in SolrConfig"
      - "Config API"


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