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We are currently running solr 5.2.1 and attempted to upgrade to 6.2.1.  We 
attempted this last week but ran into disk access latency problems so reverted 
back to 5.2.1.  We found that after upgrading we overran the NVRAM on our SAN 
and caused a fairly large queue depth for disk access (we did not have this 
problem in 5.2.1).  We reached out to our SAN vendor and they said that is was 
due to the size of our optimized indexes.  It is not uncommon for us to have 
roughly 300GB single file optimized indexes.  Our SAN vendor advised that 
splitting the index into smaller fragmented chunks would alleviate the 
NVRAM/queue depth problem.

Does anyone have an experience with this?

Why do we not see this problem with the same size index in 5.2.1?

Did solr change the way it accesses disk in v5 vs v6?

Is there a configuration file we should be looking at making adjustments in?

Since everything worked fine in 5.2.1 there has to be something we are 
overlooking when trying to use 6.2.1.  Any comments and thoughts are 


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