You do have a point with EdgeNGramFilterFactory. As requested, I've attached
a sample screenshotfor your review.


Here's my use-case. Assume I have the following term stored in global_Value
as such:
- executionvenuetype#*OFF*-FACILITY
- partyid#B2A*SEF*9AJP5P9OLL1190

Now, I want to retrieve any document matching the term in global_Value that
contains the keyword: "off" and "sef". With regards to leading wild-card,
that's intentional. Not a mail issue. These fields typically contains Guid,
and some financial terms (eg: Bonds, swaps, etc..). If I don't use any
non-wildcard, then it's an exact match. But my use-case dictates that it
should retrieve if it's a partial match.

So what's my best bet for analyzer in such cases ?

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