Did you try simple phrase query> PositionNSD:"Chief Executive Officer"?

Did you apply synonym filter on query or index time?


On 11.10.2016 17:49, marotosg wrote:

I have a field which contains Job Positions for people. This field uses a
<filter class="solr.SynonymFilterFactory" synonyms="positionsynonyms.txt"
ignoreCase="true" expand="true"/>

The field contains the following data "Chief Sales Officer"  and my synonyms
file has an entrance
like "Chief Sales Officer, Chief of Sales, Chief Sales Executive".

My Analyzer return for "Chief Sales Officer"  these tokens. "chief chief
chief sales of sales officer sales executive"

I have a query like below which is returning a match for "Chief Executive
officer" which is not good.
  ((((PositionNSD:(Chief))^3 OR ((PositionNSD:Chief*))^1.5)
  ((PositionNSD:(Executive))^3 OR ((PositionNSD:Executive*))^1.5)
  ((PositionNSD:(Officer))^3 OR ((PositionNSD:Officer*))^1.5)))

Can anyone suggest a solution to keep the distance between the terms or do
something to avoid to match on any token no matter the position?

Thanks a lot.

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