hi, i stuck into this issue which is very strange

1.  i have a solr cloud enviroment, the solr version is 5.5.2
2.  i get kerberos authentication and rule-based authorization, the 
configuration is as follows:

3. when i access the admin ui, it shows 403 

4. in the jetty server log,it shows the following exception:

497745 INFO  (qtp702282179-19) [   ] o.a.s.s.RuleBasedAuthorizationPlugin This 
resource is configured to have a permission {
  "role":"admin"}, The principal 
u=loushang&p=loush...@nie.netease.com&t=kerberos&e=1476479049131 does not have 
the right role 
SLF4J: Failed toString() invocation on an object of type 

I have grant all permission to user “loushang”, but it still prompts that i  
dont have permission

does anyone know why?greate apperication

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