On 10/14/2016 7:36 AM, Bram Van Dam wrote:
> I just noticed that Jetty barfs with HTTP 414 when request URIs are
> very large, which makes sense. I think the default limit is ~8k.
> Unfortunately I've got users who insist on executing queries that are
> 16k (!1!?!?) in size.

Although I think forcing SolrJ to do POST (which Markus provided) is a
better solution than what I did, just for completeness I'll mention the
other path you can take -- increasing the max header size.  I found this
in the 6.0 config file server/etc/jetty.xml:

    <Set name="requestHeaderSize"><Property
name="solr.jetty.request.header.size" default="8192" /></Set>

On my systems, I have bumped this to 32768, because we have queries in
the 20K range.  I also needed to bump the header size in my load
balancer, haproxy.  I do not know what the max size of this value is,
but I personally would not go beyond 32-64K.  If the query can't fit in
that, POST is the only reasonable path.


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