We have a ColdFusion-based CMS product which can interface with Solr for search functionality. ColdFusion ships with an ancient version of Solr (old enough that it crashes when the search criteria includes a leading wildcard), so to get current Solr functionality... we have to interface directly to Solr. We don't bundle Solr with our product, so it's important to be able to interface to as wide a variety of Solr releases as possible.

Our initial implementation used Solr 4.10.2, and includes customizations in schema.xml and solrconfig.xml. We have since made some minor changes for compatibility with Solr 5.x, but our goal is to minimize the version-specific information so we can create new cores without having to worry about what Solr version is in play.

Aside from keeping the luceneMatchVersion setting in agreement with the actual Solr release in use, what other configuration and/or schema changes do we need to worry about?

[enhancement request: set luceneMatchVersion to the running version if it's not found in solrconfig.xml - and/or allow a setting of 'current' so this doesn't have to be touched without specific reason to do so - any thoughts? Am I missing something?]

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