I am sorry for my typos. I have compared numdocs of  shard1_replica1 with 

If I  create another replica (replica3) and only after that I unload replica2, 
will the last replica be synchronized with replica1?

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On 10/14/2016 9:43 AM, Davide Isoardi wrote:
> thank you very much for the quick answare.
> Yes, I am not indexing between request.
> How can I risync two or all replicas?
> If I look the overviews in the shard menu (attached the screenshot) I
> see that the num docs are mismatched.
> Shard1_replica1
> Shard2_replica2

I can't see those pictures, the attachments didn't make it.  You seem to
be comparing shard1 and shard2.  That's not a valid comparison.  There's
a very good chance that different shards will have different document
counts even if everything is working correctly.  You need to compare
replicas of shard1 to other replicas of shard1, shard2 to shard2, etc.
They'll likely be on different servers.

Probably the best way to force a resync is to shutdown a Solr instance,
decide which replicas you want to delete on that instance, delete the
data directory for those replicas, and start Solr back up.  Any replica
where you delete the data directory will copy the index from the shard
leader, and they'll be back in sync when the copy finishes.  Before you
do this, make sure that you actually do have multiple replicas of each


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