For what it's worth, (and it may not work for your situation) I decided not
to upgrade, but to "upgrade by replacing".  In other words, I just
installed 6.x and because I had set up my configs for "include" I didn't
have to worry about what would be different about the "new" solrconfig.xml
and the managed_schema file.  Instead, I was able to use a copy from one of
the sample projects and add my "included" configs.

Then, after creating the same collection structure in 6.x that I had in my
5.x instances, I just re-indexed everything into the new 6.x Solr.

The big deal (probably) is whether it will cost you days to re-index and
whether you have the resources to do that.

I don't know if the index remained the same because I didn't have to
trouble myself with that due to the replacement.  I'm sure others on the
list can tell us whether it's OK to just copy the data files between 4.3
and 6.x  (I'd guess not...)

By the way - unless I misunderstand the Zookeeper docs, you can't get away
with any less than 3 Zookeeper nodes. So keep that in mind.

I have my rough notes about what I did available online.  You can go here
for the link...

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 11:28 AM, sputul <> wrote:

> We are using Solr 4.3, sing Zoopeeker on development manage Solr Cloud
> having
> one or two nodes. Will it be easier to migrate to Solr 5 first or should I
> migrate to Solr 6 directly? I see Core definition has changed. Anything
> else
> worth noting?
> The goal is to also use HTTPS perhaps after everything works in my local
> environment using Single Zookeeper and a one or more Solr Nodes. Thanks.
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