On 10/18/2016 12:28 PM, John Bickerstaff wrote:
> For what it's worth, (and it may not work for your situation) I
> decided not to upgrade, but to "upgrade by replacing". In other words,
> I just installed 6.x and because I had set up my configs for "include"
> I didn't have to worry about what would be different about the "new"
> solrconfig.xml and the managed_schema file. Instead, I was able to use
> a copy from one of the sample projects and add my "included" configs. 

John's way is the way that I would recommend doing it.  If you utilize a
chroot, you can even use the same zookeeper ensemble for the new cloud,
it will just go in a different location in the database. SolrCloud
evolves very quickly, so trying to use an existing zookeeper database
may result in less than optimal operation.  Solr itself doesn't evolve
nearly as fast, but if you go to 6.x, you're going to jump two major
versions -- even for Solr, that's a LOT of change.

> By the way - unless I misunderstand the Zookeeper docs, you can't get
> away with any less than 3 Zookeeper nodes. So keep that in mind. 

This is 100% correct.  If you want zookeeper redundancy, you must have
at least 3 zookeeper servers.  This is clear in the zookeeper documentation.

> I have my rough notes about what I did available online. You can go
> here for the link...
> https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/actual-solrcloud-vms-zookeeper-nodes-john-bickerstaff

I haven't gone over these notes, but if they work, awesome.

Regarding the latest question on the thread, there is no magic "reindex"



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