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Looks like the buffer is enabled on the update log, and even if the updates were replicated, they are not removed.

What is the output of the command  `cdcr?action=STATUS` on both cluster ?

If you see in the response `<str name=buffer>enabled</str>`, then the buffer is enabled.
To disable it, you should run the command `/cdcr?action=DISABLEBUFFER`.

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Renaud Delbru

On 10/11/2016 23:09, Thomas Tickle wrote:

I am having an issue with cdcr that I could use some assistance in resolving.

I followed the instructions found here: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=62687462

The CDCR is setup with a single source to a single target. Both the source and target cluster are identically setup as 3 machines, each running an external zookeeper and a solr instance. I’ve enabled the data replication and successfully seen the documents replicated from the source to the target with no errors in the log files.

However, when examining the /cdcr?action=QUEUES command, I noticed that the tlogTotalSize and tlogTotalCount were alarmingly high. Checking the data directory for each shard, I was able to confirm that there was several thousand logs files of each 3-4 megs. It added up to almost 35 GBs of tlogs. Obviously, this amount of tlogs causes a serious issue when trying to restart a solr server after activities such as patch.

*Is it normal for old tlogs to never get removed in a CDCR setup?*


Thomas Tickle

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