You need to execute the target "ant package" from the solr directory
(i.e. the sibling of the lucene directory) under where you cloned the
Git repo.

You should then find a distro just like you'd download from one of the
mirrors, I don't quite remember where now, in build? dist?....

If you're testing locally, you don't have to build the package target,
the 'ant server' target will compile the patch into <git dir>/solr/
wherever and you can start the changed code using the bin/solr script.

P.S. I often build "ant server dist' to be sure I have the jar files
for any SolrJ program I happen to be working with too...


On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 1:52 PM, Reth RM <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I followed the below steps to apply a patch, but have issues, any pointers
> to mistake or blogs to apply patch and update solr with patch, will be
> helpful.
> 1. git clone
> 2. ant clean, ant compile ant idea
> 3. open project in idea(intellij)
> 4. apply patch option in intellij
> <>,
> downloaded and applied :
> 5. ant clean compiled again. (successful, in the intellij I can see the
> files in patch 2899 added too)
> I am confused, after this point What should I copy from this trunk to use
> solr as binary and use this patch functionality?

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