Thanks  Shawn.

So do you suggest to have external load balance ? Something like HA proxy or 
physical load balance.

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On 4/20/2017 12:47 AM, Vrinda Ashok wrote:
> I have application  sending request to Shard1 each time, making this single 
> point of failure. Please suggest what can I use for Load balancing in SolrNet.
> Is there something like CloudSolrClient as in SolrJ ? Or will I have to go 
> with HA proxy or physical load balance only ?

SolrNet was not built by the Solr project.  It was developed by somebody else.

Unless SolrNet has the capability of using more than one base URL to access 
Solr and failing over if one of them becomes unusable, you will need a separate 
load balancer.  I have no idea whether SolrNet has that capability.


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