On 8/6/2017 10:29 PM, hawk....@139.com wrote:
> We found the problem is caused by the delete command. The request is used to 
> delete document by id.
>  url -->
>     body --> {"delete":["20ec36ade0ca4da3bcd78269e2300f6f"]}
> When we send over 3000 requests, the Solr starts to give OOM exceptions.  

Do you have the full exception with stacktrace for those OOM?  I'm
curious exactly what resource ran out, whether it was heap or something

When java programs throw OOME, the program's execution is usually
completely unpredictable from that point on, because something that the
program tried to do did not happen.  Whatever the program tries to do
next probably depends on the action that failed.  This unpredictability
is why Solr on non-windows systems will self-terminate when OOME is
encountered.  It's the only safe action to take.  There is an issue to
bring the same self-termination on OOME to Solr running on Windows.

If the OOME was due to heap space, there are exactly two ways to deal
with that.  You can find info about it here:



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