> Hello,
> I am facing an issue on my live environment and I couldn’t find a solution 
> yet.
> I am running SOLR saving data on HDFS and I have a single node setup with an 
> index that has been running fine until today. 
> I know that 2 billion documents is too much on a single node but it has been 
> running fine for my requirements and it was pretty fast.
> I restarted SOLR today and I am getting an error stating "Too many documents, 
> composite IndexReaders cannot exceed 2147483519.
> The last backup I have is 2 weeks back and I really need the index to start 
> to get the data from the index. I can delete data and create a separate shard 
> but I need it to be up so I can take the data.
> Please help !
> -- 
> Regards,
> Wael

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