First, are you absolutely sure you're committing before shutting down?
Hard commit in this case, openSearcher shouldn't matter.

SolrCloud? And if not SolrCloud, how are you shutting Solr down? "Kill
-9" is evil.

If you have transaction logs enabled then you shouldn't be losing
docs, any uncommitted docs should be replayed from the transaction

This should absolutely _not_ be happening assuming hard commits
happen. One possible explanation is that you have hard commits turned
off and are using soft commits _and_ the transaction log isn't
enabled. And you kill Solr with evil intent. But that's a long chain
of "ifs"....


On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 6:02 AM, John Blythe <> wrote:
> hi all.
> i have a core that contains about 22 million documents. when the solr
> server is restarted it drops to 200-400k. the dashbaord says that it's both
> optimized and current.
> is there config issues i need to address in solr or the server? not really
> sure where to begin in hunting this down.
> thanks-

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