So in total you have 56 replicas, correct? This shouldn't be a
problem, we've seen many more replicas than that. Many many many.

Do you ever see any replicas go into recovery? One common problem is
that GC exceeds the timeouts for, say, Zookeeper to contact nodes and
they'll cycle through recovery. Have you captured the GC logs and seen
if you have large stop-the-world GC pauses?

In short, what you've described should be easily handled. My guess is
GC pauses, I/O contention and/or flaky networks....


On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 11:35 AM, Webster Homer <> wrote:
> We have a Solrcloud environments that have 4 solr nodes and a 3 node
> Zookeeper ensemble. All of the collections are configured to have 2 shards
> with 2 replicas. In this environment we have 14 different collections. Some
> of these collections are hardly touched others have a fairly heavy search
> and update load.
> 1 collection his near real time updates every minutes and constant
> searches, but it is not very large
> another has a fairly constant search load with updates of a few records
> every 15 minutes. 6 collections are search heavy but update light (1 full
> load per week with daily partials)
> Updates to production cloud are via CDCR from an "authoring" cloud which
> replicates to two production clouds.
> We often see issues with replicas not being updated, and tlogs accumulating.
> We have autoCommit and autoSoftCommit set on all our collections, and CDCR
> logs disabled. We are running Solr 6.2
> We also run into errors saying that "no live solr Servers available to
>  service the request" but all nodes appear healthy. So I've been wondering
> if we just have too many collections for the number of nodes.
> Are there tell tale diagnostics that could determine if the servers are
> over loaded?
> Are there any guidelines for number of collections vs number of nodes in a
> solrcloud?
> We run our zookeepers via supervisord, and all of this is behind firewalls.
> So the Zookeeper JMX interface is useless. How do we get good diagnostics
> from Zookeeper? I know that sometimes problems go away when we restart the
> Zookeepers and the solr nodes.
> Thanks
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