Hi Webster,

If you're not worried about using BM25 searcher then you should just be able to 
continue as you were before by providing your own similarity class that extends 
ClassicSimilarity and then override the idf method to always return 1,  then 
reference that in your schema
<similarity class="brightsolid.solr.plugins.MyCustomSimilarity" />

As far as I know you've been able to have different similarities per field in 
solr for a while now. https://wiki.apache.org/solr/SchemaXml#Similarity

Peter Lancaster.

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Our most common use for solr is searching for products, not text search. My 
company is in the process of migrating away from an Endeca search engine,  the 
goal to keep the business happy is to make sure that search results from the 
different engines be fairly similar, one area that we have found that 
suppresses a result from being as good as it was in the old system is the idf.

We are using Solr 6. After moving to it, a lot of our results got better, but 
idf still seems to deaden some results. Given that our focus is product 
searching I really don't see a need for idf at all. Previous to Solr 6 you 
could suppress idf by providing a custom similarity class. Looking over the 
newer documentation a lot of things have improved, but I'm not sure I see a 
simple way to turn off idf in Solr 6's BM25 searcher.

How do I disable IDF in Solr 6?

We also do have needs for text searching so it would be nice if we could 
suppress IDF on a field or schema level


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