Two questions:

1> did you completely re-index under 6x? My guess is "yes", since you
jumped two major versions and 6x won't read a 4x index. If not you may
be getting some performance degradation due to back-compat..

2> Try turning &debug=timing. that breaks down the time spent in each
component and may give a clue, Highlighting has changed significantly
so that's one place I'd look.

And I'm assuming you're running a suite of tests, trying just a few
queries is uninformative due to loading parts of the index into


On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 1:09 AM,
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> we are updating our SOLR infrastructure from version 4.10.2 to the latest
> 6.6.
> We realize a significant degradation of the response time while running
> match-all queries with facets (query in [1]) With version 4.x these kind of
> queries never took longer than 2000 ms.
> Now all of these queries need more than 9000 ms.
> Our index [2] [3] contains around 30 Mio docs. Because we want to use
> doc-values for facets and sort functions we changed our doc-processing
> significantly replacing all text type with string fields.
> The behavior of normal term queries is acceptable although it's a little bit
> slower compared with the current productive environment. Yesterday I run a
> couple of performance tests
> I looked around and came across this (older) issue [4] which is partially
> related to our observations but actually I cannot find a solution for our
> behavior.
> Did we miss something on the way of the development from version 4 / 5 / 6
> which might be the reason for the degradation and we should change our
> queries?
> Thanks a lot for any hints
> Günter
> [1]
> http://localhost:8080/solr/sb-biblio/select?rows=0&q=*:*&facet.field=union&facet.field=navAuthor_full&facet.field=format&facet.field=language&facet.field=navSub_green&facet.field=navSubform&facet.field=publishDate&qt=edismax&ps=2&hl=true&,freshness)),3.16e-10,100,100)&fl=*,score&hl.fragsize=250&start=0&q.op=AND&sort=score+desc&rows=20&hl.simple.pre={{{{START_HILITE}}}}&facet.limit=100&{{{{END_HILITE}}}}&spellcheck=false&qf=title_short^1000+title_alt^200+title_sub^200+title_old^200+title_new^200+author^750+author_additional^100+author_additional_dsv11_txt_mv^100+title_additional_dsv11_txt_mv^100+series^200+topic^500+addfields_txt_mv^50+publplace_txt_mv^25+publplace_dsv11_txt_mv^25+fulltext+callnumber^1000+ctrlnum^1000+publishDate+isbn+variant_isbn_isn_mv+issn+localcode+id&pf=title_short^1000&facet.mincount=1&hl.fl=fulltext&facet=true&wt=xml&facet.sort=count
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

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