If you have a web app in front of Solr and it or Apache logs all requests then 
you should be able to match the log entries to the solr.log entries. That would 
tell you a source IP, but it might not help if the users are behind a nat 
firewall. But yes, you could look at the nat firewall logs.

Then again, your web app could have a login, and you could pass the username to 
Solr as a query parameter. But now you will be busy developing this simple web 

Solr auth might help if each user has her own credentials (I do not know if 
this is logged).
Cheers -- Rick

On August 8, 2017 11:28:51 PM EDT, suresh pendap <> 
>We have found that application teams often fire ad-hoc queries, some of
>these are very expensive queries and can bring the solr cluster down. 
>times they just build custom scripts which does some offline analytics
>firing expensive queries, the solr cluster was originally not sized for
>executing such queries.
>When an issue happens we identify from the solr logs the query which is
>taking long time. But some times we do not even know who is firing
>queries and hence it takes a while to stop them.
>We would like be able to identify the source of the solr queries.
>Is there a way to tag the solr queries?
>Can we associate some tags or query identifier with the query?
>These tags should be made mandatory without which the solr query should
>We would like to build a custom component which logs the query, the
>identifier (the tag which user provides) and the IP address of the
>machine which fired this query.

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