It seems for me that the token "states" is not getting lemmatized to
"state" by Solr.

Eg, I have a document with the value "united states of america".
This document is not returned when the following query is issued:
However, all documents which contain the token "state" are indeed returned,
with the above query.
The "united states of america" document is returned if I change "state" in
the query to "states"; so:

At first I thought maybe the lemmatization isn't working for some reason.
However, when I changed "united" in the query to "unite", then it did still
return the "united states of america" document:
Which means that the lemmatization is working for the token "united", but
not for the token "states".

The "name" field above is defined as "text_general".

So it seems to me, that perhaps the default Solr lemmatizer does not
lemmatize "states" to "state"?
Can anyone confirm if this is indeed the expected behaviour?
And what can I do to change it?
If I need to put in a customer lemmatizer, then what would be the (best)
way to do that?

Much thanks

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